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Features. • Includes 1x Transporter Storage Truck, 1x Lorry with Trailor, 1x Helicopter, 1x Tow Truck, 1x Police Van, 1x SWAT Unit Vehicle, 1x SWAT Jeep, 1x SWAT Truck & 3x Police Cars.• Package Dimensions – H10.5cm x W15.5cm x D36.6cm.• Suitable for children aged 3+. About this item. This 12-in-1 Police Service Transporter vehicle toy playset is perfect for any little one with an ambition of joining the Police Service. From a Police cars, to a Swat Unit, to a Police Helicopter this set has everything your kids need to start their very own Police Service Department in their own home. Let your little one become the next best Police Officer around with this Teamsterz Police Service Transport Truck Set.This Police Transporter Truck set comes with many different Emergency service vehicles including, a Lorry with a Trailor, a Helicopter, a Police Van, a Tow Truck, three Police cars, a SWAT Unit Vehicle, a SWAT Jeep and a SWAT Truck. Even better your little one can launch their car out the nose of the large transporter truck, simply load your car onto the ramp and press down the button. How far can they launch their Police Service toy cars!

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