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The original and best 100% official Grammar design. Good grammar. The difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you’re shit. Please note, a ‘clean’ version of this shirt is also available, please search ‘grammar’. Artwork copyright Push Merchandising LTD.Mug design reads: 1. They’re = they fucking are 2. Their = shows fucking possession 3. There = specifies a fucking location 4. You’re – you fucking are 5. Your = shows fucking possession 6. It’s = it fucking is 7. Its = shows fucking possession 8. We’re = we fucking are 9. Were = past fucking tense of are 10. Where = specifies a fucking location 11. Loose = not fucking fixed in place 12. Lose = cease to fucking keep 13. Affect = a fucking action 14. Effect = a fucking result 15. Could’ve = could fucking have 16. Could of = you’re (see 4) a fucking idiotOur ceramic mugs are all white barring the printed design and are a standard mug size.

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