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About this item. Unbox a world of fun with the Peppa’s Ferris Wheel playset! Inside, you’ll find a charming ensemble that includes a special Peppa Pig figure dressed in a delightful polka-dot dress, along with her trusty teddy-bear companion. The real excitement comes from the spinning Ferris wheel, ready to whisk Peppa and her teddy on an adventure. This articulated Peppa figure can comfortably sit in one of the Ferris wheel baskets, sparking imaginative play as kids take her for a whirl.And the best part? Peppa’s teddy bear can join in on the fun too! As preschoolers spin the vibrant Ferris wheel ’round and ’round, the joy multiplies. For added amusement, consider adding more 7.5 cm figures (each sold separately, subject to availability) to the Ferris wheel baskets. Inspired by the beloved Peppa Pig program, this playset is an ideal gift for kids aged 3 and up, offering endless fairground fun and adventures that capture the spirit of Peppa’s world. Get ready for a day of laughter and delight with Peppa’s Ferris Wheel!

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