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The SFR Stomper adjustable quad skate is a brilliant choice of first roller skate for any young child! The skates look great, they’re stable and provide good support. They also features a rear brake (which can save a few scrapes) that will help give your child the confidence to keep practicing and to have fun learning. Adjustable to four different sizes in one pair! There are two options; Both making the SFR Stomper a long lasting and comfortable choice. The smaller pair adjusts between children’s sizes J6 – J9 The larger pair adjusts between children’s size J10 – J13  The SFR Stomper is arguably the most child friendly roller skate you can buy, but because the adjustability is so good, they may well be the most parent friendly roller skates too!  Comfortable fit – Adjustable to 4 sizes (in ½ size increments). Design focused on young skaters comfort and stability for learners with the added bonus that kids love them! A low centre of gravity provides stability. Strong wheels with a good grip, larger at the rear and mounted wider apart than the front wheels – for stability. Rear brake for when all else fails Child friendly buckles that children can use. Easy to clean with a removable, washable liner. ALSO AVAILABLE IN PINK 

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