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LEGO – Bart Simpson’s Skateboard“Eat my shorts, man!”Everyone’s favourite spike-headed character from the Simpsons, Bart, is known for his savvy attitude and his witty personality which often lands him in a lot of trouble. Bart is in many ways a typical child. He loves his slingshot, absolutely adores causing mayhem, and has an affinity for a skateboard. Thanks to LEGO, you can get your hands-on Bart’s Skateboard – allowing you to give the iconic character another item in his inventory which he can use on many more misadventures and dastardly deeds.Don’t have your own Bart Simpson minifigure? No problem! This accessory will go great with the other Skateboards available in our Minifigure Sports Accessories section – providing you with a great piece to compliment your other Skater characters. Now build that half-pipe, grind a rail and get ready to hit the sickest of tricks with this great Lime-Green and Red skateboard!

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