LEGO Gun – Pistol Revolver – Black


LEGO Gun – Pistol Revolver – Black from FireStar Toys

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LEGO Gun – Pistol Revolver – BlackAdd this LEGO Revolver to your Minifigure arsenal  Always losing your Minifigure weapons and accessories? Need to kit out some custom Minifigs with firepower? Whether you’ve got a specific aim in mind or simply wish to bolster your stocks of weapons and accessories, you’ve come to the right place. This LEGO revolver is just one of many such weapons you’ll find in our epic online range. Manufactured to a high standard from quality materials, it looks great when clipped into the grip of your favourite Minifigure.  Find the firepower your Minifigures need  This LEGO revolver is an ideal accessory for all manner of Minifigs and themes. Clip into the hand of a bank robber in the middle of a heist in a LEGO City build, arm a highway in a historical build, or march your figs to war in military themed sets. Looking for melee weapons or alternate firearms? We’ve got more essential weapons for you to check out in our other ranges.

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