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Our photo puzzle with 48 pieces is the perfect entry into the world of premium photo puzzles. The size of the completed puzzle is 48 x 36 cm and thanks to the XXL jigsaw pieces this photo puzzle is especially suitable for small children, the elderly, people with dementia and all those who are looking for a not too long lasting puzzle fun. By the way, the 48-piece photo puzzle comes with a customisable box. Did you know that these 48 puzzle pieces are being cut from the same size cardboard that is being used for the 100-, 200- and 500- pieces photo puzzles? This is the reason why this easygoing 48 pieces personalised jigsaw has the largest pieces of them all, which makes completing the photo puzzle not that difficult anymore, even for unpracticed hands. This means lots of fun for those who do not have any experience with putting jigsaw puzzles.

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