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What’s scarier than a python? A GIANT King Python! Watch out. It’s the Robo Alive King python. This realistic reptile uses innovative robotic technology to slither with ultra-real movement. Hide the King Python under the dining table for a family fright or sneak it into a sibling’s backpack for a school day scare. To catch them by surprise, hide the King Python under their pillow to send them to sleep with a scream. The King Python is an ultra-realistic beast measuring 31 inches/80cm from tongue to tail. Family night frights just got a whole lot scarier with Robo Alive King Python. Product features:  Pick it up if you dare! Measuring 31 inches/80cm from tongue to tail! Robo Alive smart movement technology gives this King Python teeth chattering realism! Watch it slither along the floor to its prey and cross your fingers it’s not you! The snake skin is carefully crafted to give an ultra-real look and the giant size matches the Python of your nightmares! Watch your Python search the room for its prey and flick its tongue in terror! You might need to run for your life! Suitable for ages 3 years + 

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