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Steer adventurous stories across land, through air or even into space with the Polly Pocket Pocketville Pineapple Car Playset. Polly and her friends are always on the go, and they can go in so many ways with this collection of Polly Pocket vehicles. Each playset includes a micro doll, pet and unique diecast vehicle, ranging from three-wheelers and cars to aircraft and even spacecraft! The small metal vehicles have bright colours, fun details and action features, like rolling wheels or spinning helicopter rotors to get stories moving. Product features: Includes: 1 x micro doll, pet mini figure and unique vehicle Bend the doll to get into the driver’s seat or let the pet take the wheel Each toy vehicle has 2 seats so the pals can ride together Collect them all! (sold separately) Approximate Dimensions: 2.5cm x 3cm x 5 cm Suitable for ages 4 years +

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