DC Comics 12″ Thunder Punch Shazam Action Figure


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Shazam, you need to get genuine! Play out your favourite scenes from your favourite movies with this huge action figure that has characteristic motions and up to 20 original sound effects! The legendary Super Hero appears wearing his signature red combat armour and a hooded cloak made of fabric. When Super-Villains come into view, continuously squeezing his legs will cause him to unleash a barrage of super-strength punches, during which his chest will light up and he will make fighting noises.Dr. Sivana and the other foes of mankind don’t have a chance against this action-packed, realistic, and immersive Shazam! Included in a “Try Me” package, which allows you to evaluate all of his great features in advance. There may be some variety in the colours and embellishments.We always stock the latest toys from DC Comics here at Maqio. Start your collection of the cutest toys today, right here at Maqio. GGY38

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