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Little Live Pets Lil’ Hedgehogs roll into a ball just like a real hedgehog! They’re cute and fun all rolled into one. Touch their nose and they roll into a ball. Watch them hide away, then pop out their head and continue to play. Features: Lil’ hedgehogs walk & roll Just like real hedgehogs! For ages 5 & up 4 characters – Dough-Anna, Pinky Petals, Patreenie & Pinny Popcorn Collect them all! Battery operated Uses 3 x button cell LR44 batteries Measures W6 x H5 x D6cm Dough-Anna is always buzzing around! Full of sweetness and sugar, she only stops for a quick nap and a sweet dream. Then she’s on the go like a fast ball of dough! Pinky Petals is a naturally friendly hedgehog. She loves to cheer up her friends by picking them flowers. You’ll always find her making bouquets and rolling amongst the plants. She’s a true garden hedge! Parteenie is the cutest little party animal ’round! Always ready to roll, he’s a little surprise pack of happiness who can’t wait to celebrate for any reason at all! Lights! Camera! Action! When the camera’s rolling so is Pinny Popcorn! She’s always telling corny jokes and loves rolling down the aisle of the movie cinema! You could say she always has a “Starring Roll”!

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