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Stack ’em up and rock ’til you drop! This Fisher-Price Roly-Poly Rock-a-Stack provides your baby with fun build a stack play. 4 brightly coloured stacking rings sit on a roly-poly base with jingle sounds when baby bats it. Take the textured rings off and build the stack up again. Perfect for little hands. Features: Fisher-Price Roly-Poly Rock-a-Stack Roly-poly base with jingle sounds 4 brightly coloured stacking rings Textured rings with soft details Pup character top with soft floppy ears Spinning bumpy collar Height: 20cm Suitable for ages 3 months+ Looks familiar? Take a trip down memory lane with a newborn-appropriate twist on the iconic Rock-a-Stack. Designed for newborns 3 months and older with touchy-feely elements on each ring that little ones will love getting their hands (and mouths) on. Featuring a soft fabric ring, a smooth plastic ring, a ring with bumpy textures and another with lots of textured ribs. A sweet puppy, with soft floppy ears and bumpy spinning collar, tops it all off. The roly-poly base jingles as your baby bats it back and forth. This iconic toy now rocks on for wee ones and offers fun stacking play as baby grows! Suitable for use from 3 months+. Frequently asked questions: How high is the building stack?The Fisher-Price Roly-Poly Rock-a-Stack is 20cm high

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