Childrens Snip Salon Glitter Glam Crafting Play Set


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Snips Salon is an all new way to bring your style ideas to life! A new and exciting girls activity, combining the salon experience with hair play. Get ready to show your style and become a hair stylist, ask your model to take a seat in the Snips Salon chair and get ready to cut, style and create! Using your own scissors, snip the hair sheet into a stylish shape. Use the puffer hairdryer to add a blast of glitter to create some fabulous looks Spin the Snips Salon styling chair for an all-around view. You’ll find all the tools and materials you need to Snip, Style & Play. Create up to 20 fabulous hairstyles and showcase your designs in and out of the salon. Grab yours now while stocks lasts! Suitable for ages 6 +

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