BT21 DIY Cubic Painting (25×25) – Comic


Order BT21 DIY Cubic Painting (25×25) – Comic from Daebak (US).

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Design your own place with this BT21 DIY Cubic Painting!. What’s Inside. Components:. – Design Canvas. – Cubic. – Pen. – Pen Accessories Set. – Level, Steel / Triplet Wall Ring. – Tray. – Solid Glue. Size (cm): 25 x 25. How to Use. Please check the cubic number and shape on the design sheet, the cubic number, and the shape of the canvas.. Place the cubic in a tray and shake slightly from side to side for them to line up.. Press the solid paste deeply into the pen and push it in gently.. Take a little cubic using the pen.. Peel off the protective film and attach the cubic to the correct part.. After attaching all the cubics, press it down with a thick book to fix it.

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