BT21 Street Mode Character Lighting Case


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LIGHT UP CASE that everyone should have! The outer case printing, luminous skin, and internal printing structure maximize its uniqueness with a three-dimensional design as well as a lighting effect. This is a patent-certified light-up case loved for its clean design and strong protection.. Please note that each and every order will be a customized-made order by Cell phone model, which will take 7-10 days from the production factory. Thank you!. What’s Inside. Components: (1) BT21 Street Mode Character Lighting Case. Wait! Do NOT take off the hologram sheet. *Design might slightly vary depending on the phone type. The above image is based on iPhone 12 Pro.. Size: 10.5*17.5*20.5cm. Weight: 107.3g. Features. Light Up!- Your phone lights up when you get a call, text, SNS messages, and alarm.. Protect your smart devices more safely! The impact-distributing air 7 method structure lighting case is designed to receive the air gap for the first impact and the case structure for the second impact, regardless of how and in which direction the smart device is dropped, so you can more safely protect your smartphone.. The 3D structure protects the entire screen. The first and second odd number of shocks when falling makes smart devices safer! (The corner part of the case with the screen protection air gap is raised than the other parts to cushion the drop impact.). Camera Protection – The camera slide cover securely protects the protruding camera lens.. Perfect Finish Design The lighting case has a sophisticated and professional design for a perfect fit.. Recommended apps to download. LIGHT Show – You can enjoy the fun of blinking LEDs when recognizing voice and watching Youtube.. Flash Mob – You can enjoy the fun of blinking LEDs in response to sounds and movements.. Disco Lightning Pro – When listening to music built-in iPhone, you can enjoy the fun of blinking the LED by the beat.. Music Strobe – You can enjoy the fun of the LED flashing by recognizing the sound of foreign affairs and streaming music.. APPLE LED Flash for Alerts Setting:. Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > LED Flash for alert & Flash on Silent “ON”

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