Soft Foam/Sponge Footballs/Soccer Balls (20cm) – PK. 3 Blue, Yellow, Red


Order Soft Foam/Sponge Footballs/Soccer Balls (20cm) – PK. 3 Blue, Yellow, Red from Wowow Toys.

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About this item. Providing hours of endless fun, these size 5 foam footballs are great for any adventure or occasion. These footballs are perfect for sports at school, friendly dodgeball matches indoors, having fun in the sun at the beach, and even playing garden ball outside with your friends and family. Anyone can join in and have fun, whether it’s scoring goals or perfecting your tackling skills. Who will be the first to get that hattrick?Looking to improve your child’s football and soccer skills? The Fun Sport foam football is the right choice for ball sports training. Not only are the footballs fun, they help children further their developments, whether this is improving their hand-eye coordination, to increasing their stamina and even helping develop their communication skills through their teamwork. These Balls are perfect for schools by getting all the kids involved and creating harmless fun.These sponge Soccer Balls are perfect for encouraging hours of exercise for both children and adults. This versatile ball is great for many different games, such as catch, football, dodgeball and even a bit of basketball. You can even get creative and make our own games that is perfect for everyone. This is brilliant for getting everyone exercising together. Get the everyone away from screens and have non stop family fun.. Click here to see single assorted coloured footballs

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