Squish-Meez Sticky Pals 12 Pack Fidget Toy Playset


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About this item. Squish-Meez Sticky Pals are more than just toys! These lovable creatures come in a variety of fun designs, from playful animals to magical creatures and everything in between. Whether you’re a dog lover, a unicorn enthusiast, or a fan of cute little monsters, there’s a Sticky Pal for everyone. A fun way to keep the brain focused and the hands busy, they are perfect for kids or adults with ADD/ADHD and people with OCD or high stress/anxiety levels. This Sticky Pals 12pck come as a pack of 12 individual fidget toys. There are 6 different characters available to collect. But what makes Squish-Meez Sticky Pals truly unique is their sticky nature! They have a special sticky surface that allows them to cling to various surfaces, like walls, windows, or even your computer monitor. Stick them up, rearrange them, and create your own cute displays or surprise your friends and family with a delightful surprise.

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