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Walls Of York Game from The Works

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Vikings are raiding the surroundings of the Castle of York. 

The king has summoned his best architects to design new defensive walls for the city, but only one design will be used. That architect will be hailed as the greatest architect in all the land.

• 150 x Custom Wall pieces
• 4 x Frames for Game Board
• 1 x Building Die
• 3 x Objective Dice
• 1 x Dice Tower
• 6 x Invasion Tokens
• Game Board 
• Rulebook

To play, use the plastic wall pieces to construct a defensive barrier around the buildings — but players must beware of the Vikings who will force players to build their walls again. 

Will you be able to complete the fortifications in time?

Product Information:
• Walls of York
• Board Game
• Players: 2-4
• Ages: 8+
• Measures: 28.5 x 28.5 cm

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