Tactic Wanna Bet? Board Game


Tactic Wanna Bet? Board Game from The Works

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Up for a challenge? Wanna Bet’s the game to get!

Each player tries to solve both physical and puzzling tasks to win, while the other players bet on whether they can manage the task or not.

• Board
• 288 x Challenge cards
• 12 x Yes cards
• 12 x No cards
• Betting money
• 6 x Colourful playing pieces
• Notepad
• Die
• 3 x Sand timers

Who can do what? Can you find five blue things in the room? Carefully balance a spoon? Build a castle out of cards? Tasks can seem easy or hard! 

Friends and family might say they can do them… But d’ya Wanna Bet?!

Product Information:
• Tactic Wanna Bet?
• Board Game
• Players: 3-6
• Age: 8+
• Measures: ‎6.2 x 25 x 14 cm

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