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Read all about it! In this era of fake news, can you tell the truth from the lie? Play The News Game and test your powers of deduction, along with your friends, and play this super-fun, laugh-out-loud game. One person reads out the headline followed by the story and you have to guess whether its real or fake news! This game contains 100 ‘true or false’ question cards and also comes with full gameplay instructions. A great game for your next dinner party, The News Game is a fabulous gift for lovers of quizzes and current affairs. Purple Donkey games are fast-paced and easy-to-play. They’re fun for everyone and are perfect as Christmas games. With no complicated rules to learn, Purple Donkey leads you straight into the action making it the quintessential choice for any party, family gathering or after-dinner entertainment. The News Game is a part of the Purple Donkey range from Paladone. Features: The Fake News Game Consists of 100 outrageous news stories – some fact, some fiction For two or more players Topical, interesting and challenging Great for an evening’s entertainment

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