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Boasting a state-of-the-art modern design similar to a gondola, the Garlando G-2000 Grey Oak football table provides fantastic entertainment for home game rooms as well as schools and clubs. This sturdy football table features a lovely new grey oakwood finish, and a robust, dense MDF cabined coated with melamine for added resistance. The slanting legs share the same materials as the cabinet, and the table includes telescopic rods with non-rusting chrome plating. Also, the game flows very smoothly and stress-free thanks to roller bearings, whilst the plastic handles ensure an ergonomic grip. The table includes a set of distinctively coloured players (red/blue) moulded onto the bars, and there are fully-rotating goalkeepers to add a bit more fun and required playing skill. Furthermore, the table comes with ten white balls as a standard, and ensures easy ball recovery after scoring with a smart exit behind each goal.

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