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Our 200 pieces jigsaw puzzle is the one in between and very suitable for children that already like a bit more challenging photo puzzles, but do not have enough patience for the 500 pieces jigsaw puzzle. Thanks to its manageable number of pieces it makes familiar with putting jigsaw puzzles without being too much demanding. Photographs that bear pleasant memories will ensure that putting this personalised jigsaw puzzle will be far from boring. The result is impressive. The photo puzzle with 200 pieces is not only often taken for children in the primary school age but also chosen by elderly people that appreciate that the personalised jigsaw puzzle is not too complex. Thanks to the relatively small amount of pieces, this premium puzzle is easy to put and does not require that much of endurance. The puzzle pieces are in comparison to the 500-, 600-, 1000- und 2000-pieces photo puzzles quite large and therefore easy to put.

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