ZEROTECH DOBBY Pocket Selfie GPS GLONASS RTF Drone With 4K HD Camera


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DOBBY takes professionally developed flight control, electronic image stabilization, computer vision, image transmission etc. systems and integrates them into the Qualcomm Snapdragon™.A runway model, patented folding technology with only the weight of an iPhone6 Plus.Aside from the traditional single button ‘take-off/landing’ control,there is also the ‘pet’ style operation modeYou can use three different methods to initiate take-off: voice control, patting DOBBY or the throw-and-fly method, instantly making you the center of attention.With inbuilt tutorials for beginners, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. You can use the swipe function on your phone to control DOBBY or use you phone as a motion controller allowing you to master new techniques in only 5 minutes.Say goodbye to traditional gimbals and be the first to use the world leading digital 3-axis stabilizing technology which is both compact and equipped with anti-shake technology.Possesses a professional video track method when filming, so you can enjoy professional recording from any angle.You can use your phone to look at your photos in real time to capture the best version of yourself. Photos are also stored in your phone’s photo album. Share your ‘vision’ with just one click!GPS+GLONASS Dual satellite navigation guarantees rapid positioning during outdoor flight. Can withstand wind speeds up to 28km/h Is able to hover accurately both indoors and outdoors 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual band Wi-Fi, so you need not worry about interference.Digital 3-axis stabilizer offsets any movement from flight helping you create smooth and steady videos.FOLLOW SNAP 2.0 technology can follow and film moving people or objects.Control DOBBY’s flight path by waving your arm – it will follow the direction of your arm’s movements.Face Track algorithm can scan and remember the face feathur quickly and locks onto the target.

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