Sphero Star Wars R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid


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This is the droid you’re looking for. R2-D2™ is an astromech droid in the Rebel Alliance from a galaxy far, far away…. The specialized tech in R2-D2 is unlike any other droid, making it as authentic as the trusty Artoo you’ve come to know and love. Control your droid with your smart device or watch it patrol on its own. Artoo’s signature front and rear LED lights are fully functional, and an integrated speaker means the beeps and boops come right from R2-D2 itself.R2-D2 is a skilled starship mechanic and fighter pilot’s assistant with many features to interact with and explore. Explore the Star Wars™ galaxy, roam iconic ship interiors, and more through augmented reality. Watch Artoo interact with other Star Wars App-enabled Droids by Sphero, and view films from the Star Wars saga with R2-D2 reacting by your side. This iconic droid has been brought to life like never before.

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