Parrot Minidrones Jumping Race Jett – White


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Discover Parrot Jumping Race Drone, one of the second-generation Minidrones. Fast, energetic and ultra-stable, this dashing drone sports large tires for racing. Adapted for high speed, Jumping Race Drone offers pilots a spectrum of thrilling experiences. Jump into the heart of the race with a FPV headset for an adrenaline boost that will leave you feeling totally exhilarated.Enjoy thrilling speed and obstacle races The Jumping Race Drone is made to race both indoors and outdoors. It runs twice as fast as its companions and can go as fast as 8 miles per hour. With Jumping Race Drone, test the road-handling and manoeuvrability of a robot designed for speed. Drive it on a smooth track to experience the thrill of speed! You can also record videos directly onto the internal memory.

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