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Experience a world of digital pets in the palm of your hand with the Bitzee Digital Interactive Pet. Introducing Bitzee: the digital pet you can touch and feel. Bitzee interactive pets go beyond the 2D screen; it’s the virtual pet you can really touch and feel in our 3D world and respond to swipes, tilts, shakes and touch with sounds and reactions. Each Bitzee starts as a baby. Like real pets, Bitzee virtual pets need love and care to grow. The more you play, the more pets you’ll get. Feed them, play with them, rock them to sleep, clean up after them and give them love. Watch them grow from baby, to adult, to Super Bitzee. Unlock each Super Bitzee pet and discover unique outfits and games, then use the treat to attract your next virtual animal. Collect 15 Bitzee pets in your case and show off your collection to friends anywhere. Be mesmerised by Bitzee’s screen-free innovative twist on ’90s toy. Product features: Includes 1 x Bitzee Digital Interactive Pet, 1x Quick Start Guide, 1x Instruction Sheet Digital pet you can touch! Each Bitzee starts as a baby and grows to adult and Super Bitzee Unlock 15 interactive animals in 1 pod including cat, bunny, unicorn and more Use treats to attract a new Bitzee pets When adult Bitzee digital pets evolve to Super Bitzee, discover quirky surprises, like fun outfits and unique kids’ games that you can play with your friends Approximate Dimensions: 14.61 x 11.75 x 14.61 cm Battery requirements: 3 x AA (included) Suitable for ages 5 years + Collect and care for 15 different digital pets with Bitzee, give them love and see how the develop and grow! Unlock 15 Bitzee pets in your case, with unique outfits, games and treats Show off your collection to friends anywhere

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