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Following the success of Robo Chameleon comes the Robo Frog Interactive Remote Control Robot. Bringing your pet to life, Robo Frog will be your ultimate companion. This playful remote-control character spends its day hunting for food and practising its aim. Hop, aim and catch the Robo Frog as it shoots its tongue out to try and catch its food. Playing two games the Robo Frog hops from game to game. Robo Frog can practise its aim and shoot knocking down the highest score on the shooting target. Robo Frog moves on to hunting! Placing the food on the target the frog will see how quickly they can grab it with its magnetic tongue. Product Features: Includes: 1 x Robo Frog Interactive Remote Control Robot, 3 x Food Coins, 1 x Food Stand, 1 x Shooting Target, and 1 x Remote-Control Robo Frog play 2 games – Go Hunt, and Aim and Shoot! Hop from game to game and listen to the funny sound effects Approximate Dimensions: 14.7 x 11.5 x 17.5 cm Battery Requirements: Frog – 3 x AA and Remote – 2 x AAA (not included) Suitable for ages 5 years +

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