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The moment your child discovers bags is one of those lesser-mentioned double-edged sword milestones in their journey through childhood. On the plus side, they’ve discovered bags and, as rational thought follows, they should be more than willing to pack and carry their own from this moment on. And how we laughed… Don’t be so silly!You should know by now that there’s no room for rational thought where your child is concerned. Instead, your child will pack their own bag (generously), promise 100 times over that they will indeed carry the now bulging sack of goodies, and then (approximately 20 minutes later), either leave it somewhere truly inconvenient or throw the tantrum to end all tantrums until you carry it. And that, dear friends, is parenthood.In an attempt at damage control, we introduce the Luvley Rainbow Mermaid Hard Handbag – part of a cute and sparkly range of Luvley bags, aimed at encouraging children to carry their own. If not, Daddy is going to be looking pretty snazzy in the playground.

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