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Prepare for ALL the awws (and a few giggles), when your child gets his or her first baby doll. There’s something both adorable and mildly hilarious about watching them attempt to dress their baby doll and care for it so gently, only to be dumping it rather unceremoniously (and usually half-dressed) in the back of their trike, 10 minutes later – where it could well remain for a good few weeks – kids ay?The Baby Ellie & Friends Accessory Set is part of a super cute collection; exclusive to Hamleys and designed to help develop a child’s early nurturing skills and encourage a kind and caring attitude. It’s also a brilliant way of involving your child in role-play activities to foster confidence, imagination and motor skills.Don’t forget to explore the rest of the range – especially if you want baby sleeping somewhere more appropriate than the garden, back of the sofa, etc…

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