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“Get ready for hours of brilliant biological fun with your Galt Body Lab set. With everything you need is included in the pack, you can do all sorts with this incredible set. Listen to a heartbeat, test muscle memory, and even measure the air in your lungs! If you’re interested in discovering the strength of your hair, then you can do that too. Then analyse fingerprints and learn about good and bad bacteria on your skin. With 14 exciting experiments, you’ll be as clever as Albert Einstein in no time at all. Includes: Stethoscope 2 petri-dishes Gloves 2 swabs Feather Tape measure Syringe Vegetarian gelatine Tubing Straw Fingerprint ink pad ID sheets Magnifying glass 5 wooden sticks 2 rubber bands 2 ziplock bags Reusable bone and organ stickers Skeleton card Organ card Printed card pieces Digestive system poster Stickers Notepad and 32-page Lab book “

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