“Hama 10,000 Beads & Colourful Pegboard Bucket”


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“With 10,000 beads the options are endless with this Hama 10,000 Beads & Colourful Pegboard Bucket. It’s time to let the creativity flow and allow your imagination to go wild! You can take inspiration from the designs provided or just go it alone and freestyle with your own creations. And it couldn’t be simpler to bring your designs to life and create a permanent reminder of your own creativity. Create the colourful bead designs on the pegboards provided and iron them using the special ironing paper for a lasting and permanent finish. And the best part? The pegboards can be used again and again! And they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Includes: Over 10,000 midi beads 2 pegboards including a yellow star and red heart Suitable for vivid imaginations aged 5 and up.”

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