BrickForge Round Clip RIGGED System


BrickForge Round Clip RIGGED System from FireStar Toys

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BrickForge Round Clip RIGGED System WhiteRIGGED stands for: Rapid – Interchangeable – Guns – Gear – Equipment – DesignThe RiGGED system is a type of MMA (Modular Minifigure Accessory) structure and consists of traditional 3mm & 1.5mm peg & hole combinations integrated into quality ABS minifig accessories. Armors, belts, straps & other types of pack devices contain a series of 1.5mm pegs; constructing a three-dimensional canvas to which minifig enthusiasts can attach a number of other RiGGED accessories. The mix of which spawns hundreds of color/type combinations making each minifig more unique than the previous.Round Clip fits either 4.89 mm hollow stud or RiGGED 1.5 mm peg configuration for endless customising applications. FireStar Toys are official distributors for the exclusive range of BrickForge weapons and accessories.Our custom design accessories are created specifically for LEGO figures using high quality injection molded ABS plastic.You can see our full range of awesome BrickForge parts here!

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