Sylvanian Families Ride Along Tram


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“All Sylvanian Families love to go on a Ride Along Tram. This elegant tram is red and gold, with intricate engravings, and includes a tram stop, benches, tickets and a map of the Town. A driver’s hat is also included for The Maple Cat Father (sold separately), who is the driver. The wheels move and the doors open and close, letting customers on and off at their stops. The seats are detachable, so you can enjoy various seat arrangements. The cab and the ticket machine can be set on either side of the tram, or you can turn over the cab to use it as a ticket counter. You can also combine the Ride Along Tram with the Creamy Gelato Shop and serve ice-cream on the move! Yum! A great gift for ages three and up.”

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